27 March 2019

By Christophe Rouvière | Les The opportunity to create new industrial sectors centered on green technologies depends largely on the proper financing of our industrial start-ups. For term in office after term in office, our political leaders have been calling for reindustrialisation in France, or the investment in public research which is deemed necessary. When doing so, they ought to take a closer look at the actual amount of capital invested in the start-ups which are truly capable of developing new industries. Although large corporations invest massively in research and development, they rarely focus on coming up with [...]

22 February 2019

NATUREO FINANCE, investment banking firm providing advice on mergers & acquisitions, capital raising and private placements in the cleantech sectors, advises ERGOSUP on its €11m fundraising for the production and commercialization of its electrolyzer (february 2019). Created in 2010, ERGOSUP develops hydrogen infrastructures based on its unique and patented technology of direct electrolysis of water under very high pressure. This integrated, competitive and secure system meets the strongly growing need for carbon-free hydrogen, for both “clean mobility” and low-carbon industrial gas applications. Ergosup was awarded the prize for the Global Innovation Competition in 2014, 2015 and 2017, as well as the [...]

1 February 2019

NATUREO FINANCE, investment banking firm providing advice on mergers & acquisitions, capital raising and private placements in the cleantech sectors advises Oxis Energy, a lithium battery specialist, on its fundraising with Safran, Arkema and Aerotec Brasil. Natureo Finance raised £15m in 2012 for Oxis Energy. In 2018, Oxis management team renewed its confidence in Natureo Finance and mandated the team for a new fundraising. With the support of Natureo, the company raised £24m in this new series B. OXIS Energy is developing an innovative Lithium Sulfur battery chemistry that will revolutionize the rechargeable battery market. The company allows a significant [...]

5 June 2018

NATUREO FINANCE, investment banking firm providing advice on mergers & acquisitions, capital raising and private placements in the cleantech sectors advises EDF Nouveaux Business on its €16m participation in McPhy. Natureo advises particularly on green hydrogen market valuation, business modelling and played an important role during the negociation phase. EDF’s investment will take place through a reserved capital increase by McPhy totalling around €16 million at a price of €5.10 per share representing 3 137 250 new McPhy shares, around 21.7% of its share capital, and 20.4% of its voting rights. A commitment to the decarbonisation of economic sectors  Thanks [...]

28 November 2016

Natureo Finance is pleased to announce that Ionics, a Belgium JV between Wallon industrial companies and research center Materia Nova, has acquired Quertech, the world leader in ion-implantation equipment for surface treatment. Quertech’s technology allows to alter the surface chemical, physical and electrical properties of materials such as glass, metals, polymer and catalyst, with applications in automotive, aeronautics, electronics and healthcare. Natureo Finance advised Quertech's management team as well as financial investor GO CAPITAL during this transaction (press release).

19 September 2016

Natureo Finance is pleased to announce that Chinese company Supratec has entered into Aqualabo Group, the largest French manufacturer of water instruments for control and measurement. Aqualabo is expected to leverage upon the strengths of a strong industrial and capital partner to extend its product offering into Asia, in particular China. Natureo Finance advised Aqualabo management team as well as financial investor Demeter Partners to exit (press release).

26 May 2016

AMP (Aquaponic Management Project), the first and sole French premium salmon producer with sustainable farming techniques and ethics, has finalized its first institutional fund raising with LOG Investment, investment fund of L’Occitane’s holding (press release). AMP targets the highest production quality: full traceability, sustainable and superior farming techniques, and exceptional final products. AMP’s salmons and sea trouts are breed in its exceptional sea farm site located in Cherbourg, Normandy, France. AMP is going to launch a complete brand of fresh and smoked products under the name Saumon de France. LOG Investment will support AMP in its development in the French [...]

1 September 2015

Natureo Finance acted as sole advisor to ERGOSUP on its € 5.2 m fund raising – ERGOSUP's press release is attached. ERGOSUP has developed an innovative technology enabling the production of hydrogen under high pressure and safely, ideally suitable for "zero-emission" mobility applications. In addition to its advisory role, Natureo Finance has supported ERGOSUP in establishing a strategic partnership with AIR LIQUIDE. These will allow ERGOSUP to accelerate the technology development phase and the deployment of demonstrators over the next two years. Both advisory services and business development support builds on in-depth sector and financial expertise which Natureo Finance has [...]

19 August 2015

Natureo Finance Research has released its Renewables Integration Newsletter. The new research product will frequently comment on key events around industries, companies and technologies which are driving the integration of renewable energies into grids and markets and hence are enabling the renewable energy transition. Covered themes are Grid Storage, Behind-the-Meter Storage, Grid Edge Power Electronics, Swarm Storage, Virtual Power Plants, Smart Grid, Power-to-Gas, Green Hydrogen, Hydrogen Refueling … and more. The launch of this Newsletter builds on in-depth knowledge in this field which Natureo has accumulated over years. In the past, Natureo published Solar, Energy Storage and Energy Efficiency Newsletters; these [...]

10 July 2015

We are pleased to announce that Natureo Finance has become today Listing Sponsor on Alternext Paris. The pan-European Listing Committee (the European Listings Board) ruled favorably on the request for approval of Natureo Finance. Our intention is to guide our corporate clients to select the most suitable financial strategy from private placement to listing companies. Should the Euronext markets be the best option, we intend to guide our corporate clients not only to the road of a fully compliant and successful IPO, but also to the roads of a “too often neglected” successful post IPO. 

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