Sector Report Published on Behind-the-Meter Solar Storage

4 March 2014

Natureo Finance Research issued an 82-page sector report on the PV storage technology market for residential & small commercial applications. Three regions are showing tangible evidence for their emergence as behind-the-meter PV storage markets and have the highest near-term storage system sales potential: JapanGermanyCalifornia (US). We gauge the evolution of these regional markets until 2020 (unit sales, MWh storage capacity, value), look at market growth drivers & catalysts, evaluate the economics of PV storage adoption and identify relevant technology suppliers along the energy storage system (ESS) value chain.

Our technology analysis puts emphasis on power electronics (in particular inverters) which are key determinants of a storage system’s performance and total cost of ownership making them crucial differentiating factors for ESS vendors. For technology suppliers, the behind-the-meter PV storage opportunity can be summarized as follows:

–  Tier-two/newcomer PV inverter makers: an opportunity to gain market share,

–  Established PV inverter suppliers: a must to protect their position

–  Innovative battery inverter makers: a springboard to position as takeover targets for

established players in the power electronics industry,

–  Battery industry: a bonanza as it is a new and likely high-margin market,

–  System integrators: a bonanza as it is a new market, but a sustainable business case requires

AC focus, access to cutting edge power electronics and battery technologies as well as effective

distribution channels.

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